Terms and conditions of use


1. When someone purchase a product from this marketplace he/she is accepting those terms and conditions, and must pay for the product when it delivered to him or before delivery depending on the product.

2. Products those needed to be installed by seller, or need special vehicle for delivery, can not be paid on delivery, the marketplace will send a rep to collect the value of such a product before delivery.

3. Quality and warranty of any product bought by a customer is maintained by the seller of this product and not by the marketplace, the marketplace service is limited to delivering the product, collecting it's price, and giving the buyer a period for returning the product.  

Returning delivered product: 

1. The buyer have a period of 3 days from delivery date, during those 3 days buyer can request to return the product without extra charging, and the value of the product will be refunded to buyer, under the return terms and conditions.

2. In order to accept return request, the product package must not be opened, and the product must not be used by buyer, also the seller of product must accept the return.

3. Some product can not be returned like products those need installation, need special vehicle for delivery, or have a health concern like under wares.

Selling in the marketplace:

1. Anyone that have products for sale can list products in this marketplace, when adding products he/she is accepting those terms an conditions.

2. The seller must always be sure of the availability of product listed by him in the marketplace, if the product was out of stock, the seller must disable it immediately.

3. The seller must deliver a product that is exactly as described on his/her listing, and provide a warranty period on products those need warranty like electronics, or as per the regulation of the government. 

4. When a customer buy a product of a seller, the marketplace purchase this product from the seller on a delivery note, deliver it to customer, and collect it's price as listed by seller in the marketplace. After 4 days from date of delivery if the customer did not return the product, the marketplace will pay the product price (as listed at the time of purchase) to the seller after deducting the marketplace commission.

5. All products prices added by sellers must include the VAT.

6. The marketplace have the right to terminate the seller account and hold any pending payments if seller violated any of these terms and conditions.